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POLICY CANCELLED FOR NON-PAYMENT Rockville Insurance Agency, Inc., referred to as RIA is not an insurance company or bank and does not charge separate fees or interest on direct billed policies that are cancelled for Non-Payment. Interest rates do not apply to insurance policies direct billed by carrier. RIA does not charge late fees on direct billed policies as RIA is not an insurance carrier or bank.Since RIA acts as Agent and/or Broker no collection process applies to late or missing payment that cause bad debt to RIA.Use of this site will not impact credit score.RENEWAL POLICY standard insurance carriers offer a continuous renewal for your selected policy and carrier will notify client according to state Laws if renewal is not offered. No additional fees apply to renewal policies with RIA as agent or broker. Any change in payment dates will be communicated to customers by phone, email or direct mail as required by state laws. No coverage may be considered bound until acknowledged by binder from RIA.


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